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Hit the Floor Hip Hop

Teen Dance Birthday Party Hit the Floor Hip Hop
Let's get this party started right!  So turn up the music!  This bash will be on and poppin' once the B-boys and B-girls hit the floor.   These dope decorations, games, and crafts will also help you keep your party on point.  Teens will be Snapchatting, Instagramming, and Tweeting every second of the turn up as you host the hottest party of the year.  Choose from a Dance Crew Freestyle Dance Off, Freeze Dancing, or get Choreography Crazy.  Have guests create a Graffitti Bandana, vote on Hip Hop Awards, tag a Graffiti Wall, or take lots of pics with props in a 90's themed Photobooth.  Whatever you choose, your party is destined to be live.


Opening Premiere

Teen Movie Birthday Party Opening Premiere
Lights, Camera, Action...it's party time!  Make your guests feel like Hollywood's elite as they show up for the Premiere Party of the season.  Once your party area is transformed with our decorations, your movie experience will come to life as you set the scene for a glamorous evening.  Choose to perform an Insane Improv, decide Whose Animated Line Is It, or battle it out in a round of Movie Feud.  Have your guests create a commemorative Walk of Fame Star, make Celebrity Award Nominations, or get ready for their close-up in a movie themed Photobooth.  Whatever you choose, you will definitely make all of your guests feel like rising stars who are  experiencing the glitz of a night out in Tinseltown.

Backyard Camp Out

Teen Camping Birthday Party Backyard Camp Out
Unroll the sleeping bags and put up the tent...It's Camp Out time!  Enjoy the elements of nature as you "rough it" in your own backyard.  So, build a campfire and get ready to stare up at the stars in the clear night sky and inhale some fresh air.   Choose from a Flashlight Scavengar Hunt, compete in a Tag-In Obstacle Course, or tell Campfire Stories.  Have your guests create Decorative Paper Lanterns, Paint River Rocks, or make a Yummy Banana Boat.  Whatever you choose, all of these activities are certain to make your camping party loads of outdoor fun.